Monday, November 16, 2009

cold wave

I first discovered Cold Cave via a super-noisy demo called Sex Ads and I got scared. But after a few plays, you get the song, just like with Crystal Castles most violent tracks. Their most recent tracks are really easier to listen, but they still have this hypnotic power. Ps : the singer of Cold Cave is also the boss of Heartworm Press! I really want to see them live, but I guess I'm gonna have to wait quite a while before they come to France.

J'ai d'abord découvert Cold Cave par une démo super noisy appellée Sex Ads et j'ai flippé. Mais après plusieurs écoutes, on comprend la chanson, c'est le même processus qu'avec les tracks les plus violentes de Crystal Castles. Les nouvelles chansons de Cold Cave sont vraiment plus abordables, mais elles ont toujours ce pouvoir hypnotique. Ps: le chanteur du groupe est aussi le boss de Heartworm Press!

Cold Cave - Love Comes Close
Cold Cave - Youth and Lust
Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions And Died

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